Caravana por las Semillas en Europa

Dear Friends,
To renew our commitment to an agriculture based on diversity, free of poisons and GMOs, we are organising the 'International Solidarity Caravan for Seeds' through the biodiversity rich countries of Europe, from 26 April to 4 May 2014.
Travel with the Caravan from Greece to Italy and France!
Look up the Facebook Event:
·         On the 26th of April, in Mesochori, Paranestiou, Greece, the “Peliti” community will be celebrating a Day of Exchange of local seed varieties.
·         From Greece the Caravan will start its journey off on the 27th of April and then move to Italy.
·       The Caravan will be in Florence on the 28th and 29th of April for the ‘Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival’.
·         On the 30th of April, the Caravan will be in Genoa with Terra Onlus!
·         The Caravan will then move to France in Le Mas d’Azil from the 1st to the 4th of May, as part of the Kokopelli programme, where the International Days of the Seed will be held.
The Caravan has been organised through the collaboration of various associations, namely Peliti (Greece), Seed Freedom Global MovementNavdanya International ,Terra! Onlus (Italy) and Kokopelli (France).

“We invite you to join the celebration of our seeds and biodiversity.
Join the journey for Seed Freedom.”
Dr.  Vandana Shiva

Best wishes

Ruchi Shroff
Co-ordinator - Seed Freedom

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